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 Heal Your Relationship With Money And Become Financially Free is designed for people who were never taught to care about personal finance and feel completely overwhelmed, anxious, and in chronic stress when it comes to money. This course will teach you how to get out of debt and build wealth so you can become financially independent and harness your innate power to take control over your destiny and build a brighter future.

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What are 3 things holding you back from being financially free? What hurdles are you running into? Tell me everything. :)

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Where are you with debt and savings. The more details the better!


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What challenges are you working through right now?

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What have you tried so far to help you take control over your finances?

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What causes you the biggest stress or anxiety? How is everything affecting you?

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Take a moment and daydream for a minute... 1 year from today, what does your life look like? What's your ideal?

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What is your number one goal and result you want more than anything else?

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What do you think has been holding you back from achieving your goal?

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If you could achieve that goal? What would it mean for you, how would it change your life?

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Working with us is a big investment of time, money and energy. Our ten week program is intensive and our 1:1 is deep. Are you in a position to make the investment of time, money and energy?


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What are you comfortable financially investing?






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Anything to change my reality!!

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